Udev-discover brought to you by DEBIAN!

It’s been 13 month’s since first udev-discover commit and now 0.2.2 version it’s inside Debian Sid (unstable).


With over 290 downloads form launchpad site, this is a new stage for udev-discover. I wonder if, this way, it would be available for next Ubuntu 12.04. I would like to thank Ghé Rivero for his work sponsoring the upload and Juanje Ojeda for introducing me to Ghé.

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udev-discover 0.2 released!

I’m very happy to announce the first release of udev-discover.

Download: http://launchpad.net/udev-discover/0.2/0.2.0/+download/udev-discover-0.2.tar.gz

Subsystem chooser

The development was stopped a few months ago, but with this holidays coding attack in a rush, I’m pretty sure is good enough for a first release.

Nowadays udev-discover can browse the full sysfs tree, or some linux subsystems only, providing a nice subsystem chooser for it.

So whether you want to check device info/properties, tracks device events or explore and filter the sysfs tree, udev-discover will be a really helpful tool for you.

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