udev-discover 0.2.1 released

Minor release in order to fix all the opened bugs after 0.2.0 release. Download the tarball here:


Or install it on Ubuntu systems via udev-discover personal package archive (ppa) following the instructions placed on ‘download and install’ page.

Some minor improvements has been added:

  • Added a DesktopEntry file
  • Using udev-discover.svg as window icons
  • Better handling of –prefix option on build and install setup.py commands
  • Updated dependencies, contributor list and TODO

I would like to thank all the people that had help here, reporting bugs, testing fixes, or even sending patches (i’ve added you to the contributors staff at about dialog), with a special mention to my friend Juanje Ojeda whose post on his gnome blog about udev-discover has catapulted it into planet.gnome.org and planet.ubuntu.org increasing the expectations.

Love you all!

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