Open is everywhere! Jul 15-17 #OKFest14

‘Open’ is everywhere. Many of us assume open source was very first movement showing the world the benefits of  open: on the one hand max. quality final products (see Firefox, Linux or even Android) and, on the other hand, empowered people and a stronger connected civil society as result.

Every day, more and more disciplines are jumping into the the open-way-of-working, where the secrecy is the exception, hierarchies flatten, and there’s always an open door to collaborate with third parties projects: Open ScienceOpen EconomyOpen DataOpen GovernmentOpen EducationOpen Innovation  … reassembles and mutations.

That’s why the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) celebrates this year a new edition of the Open Knowledge Festival (#OKFest14) Jil 15th-17th 2014. A neccesary open-advocates event for learning, networking and co-working, for turning guerrillas into an armada. I believe three days of hacking in Berlin for hundreds of activists around the world would result in translating Open minds to Open action (the festival motto).

I was really lucky: my financial aid application was accepted. However, I bought my ticket to the festival and I donated: support! Below my schedule of selected events I’m going to participate.

OKFest14 Sched

I’m attending in behalf of OpenKratio and as a OKFN Spain member. We are working in some common projects with the OKFN (the “matrix” organization), as Historiasdegasto.org, OpenSpending datasets, etc. I hope to know the proper people in Berlin to foster this projects and for knowing new third party initiatives to engage.

Next week: Berlín!